Taking Advantage of Your Time Right Now – Supplements for Immune Support


Cody Myler is a health and fitness expert who has taken his enthusiasm for physical fitness and turned it into a series of successful businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Today Cody joins us to talk about some of the ways that we can be taking advantage of our time right now during a lockdown. Cody defines Balanced Resilience and shares some advice for working at home with children around.

Shawn Wells joins us to continue the conversation about supplements and which ones we should be taking to keep our immune system strong. We also cover his COVID-19 Instagram challenge that has great ways to stay connected. Here are a few of Shawn’s tips:

  1. Watch a fun movie or show on Netflix
  2. FaceTime a friend or family member
  3. Get extra sleep
  4. Go for a walk or do some yoga
  5. Try a new recipe
  6. Walk on the grass with bare feet

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