Unrealistic Beliefs That Create Anxiety and Depression, Gut Superfoods, Sex Q&A #986

unrealistic beliefs

When you think about the goals you have in life, do you believe you ‘deserve’ them? The kind of expectations you give yourself can set yourself up to be more anxious or depressed. Dr. Forrest Talley talks with us today about impatience, entitlement, and beliefs and how these can cause anxiety and depression. This doesn’t mean that setting high goals for ourselves is necessarily a bad thing, just means that we have to have the right mindset with these goals and beliefs.

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne wrote an entire special edition of Paleo Magazine on her autoimmune protocol guide. In it she has a section on foods that optimize our gut health and promote good bacteria. Our gut is what starts autoimmune disorders to develop in us. We can improve the health of our gut by feeding the good bacteria with certain foods that Dr. Ballantyne reveals to us.

Kip Watson joins us today to talk about sex myths and misconceptions. When we grow up we are exposed to sex in all different types of ways. Some have an open dialogue with their parents and it is a comfortable subject, some it is never spoken of and a scary topic. This can all influence how we view sex when we start to explore that part of us. Sexual trauma, having kids, not being sexual for a long period of time…these can all influence our sex lives.

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